Our History

Brain Train America began offering brain training services in 2010. The company was founded by Kate Ortman in her Maryland home at a time she recognized the potential of brain training and was struggling to find adequate brain rehabilitation services for two of her children.

Ten years ago, brain training services were not widely available. Finding a brain training provider that could be trusted and offered a wide range of brain training methods was nearly impossible.

Brain Training of Maryland, which would become Brain Train America in 2018, was founded to solve that problem. It quickly evolved from a one-woman brain training shop offering only a few brain training methods. The company became a respected leader in the brain training field. Individuals and families in search of brain training services started coming not only from the Mid Atlantic states, but from Florida to Maine, and from Ohio to California.

In its first seven years, the company has added staff, programs, resources, and has expanded facilities four times!

The variety of brain training programs offered by the company continued to grow, staying on the cutting edge. In 2015, Scientific Learning recognized Brain Training of Maryland as their Fast ForWord Rookie of the Year. In 2016, the company became one of the first brain training centers in the country (and the very first in the state) to make The FITLIGHT Trainer™ system available to the general public. This wireless reaction brain training system already is in use by some of the world's elite athletes and teams. And in 2017, no longer a rookie, the company was singled out again by SciLearn as their international Provider of the Year!

The company was featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Popular Science in a story on brain training that highlighted the positive impact brain training had on Kate Ortman’s son and brain training client, Greg Ortman.

With a team of brain training experts and a suite of brain training programs, Brain Train America uses brain training to produce positive results for memory, attention, and more.

Brain training truly changes lives. With the success of its clients, the company has grown to add brain training staff, expand facilities and resources, and diversify its portfolio of high-tech brain training programs to meet every individual brain training client’s needs. Doubling down on brain training solutions, the company has assembled a team of brain training experts that stand ready to evaluate challenges, determine a course of action, and provide clients with a comprehensive plan for brain training success.

Now as Brain Train America, the company offers virtual appointments to allow its brain training experts to work with clients across the United States. To reflect its increased impact and accessibility.