About Kate

Kate Ortman is the founder and CEO of Brain Train America, a company she started due to an array of personal experiences, and a passion for helping individuals and families improve their lives through brain health. From its humble beginnings on her dining room table in 2010, the company has helped hundreds of clients unleash their potential thanks to customized, revolutionary cognitive therapies to meet clients' unique brain training goals.

With a lifetime of experience as a parent of children with learning differences and as a teacher and certified ADHD life coach, Kate found herself at a turning point when she struggled to find adequate support services for two of her children. One of Kate’s sons had severe dyslexia and had just undergone a nine-hour brain surgery. Another son had suffered six concussions and would eventually have to stop driving and attending school.

After exhaustive research, Kate discovered promising brain training methods that she believed would help her sons. She learned that just as you can exercise muscles below the neck, you can exercise your brain -- using brain training to produce positive results for recovery, memory, attention and more.

Kate was frustrated to discover that these life-changing brain training services were not widely available. Like any parent, Kate refused to give up. She set out to find someone she could trust to provide the brain training services she knew her sons needed. She quickly learned that company didn’t exist. She decided to become certified in one brain training method herself, then another, and so on. Soon after, what we now know as Brain Train America was born.

Her company quickly evolved from a one-person shop offering only a few brain training methods, to a global "go to" resource in brain training. Kate and her son, Greg, were featured in the Spring 2018 edition of internationally-respected Popular Science in a story that highlighted the positive effects of brain training. It was the latest, and most widespread recognition of her work that already had been showcased on numerous TV, radio, print and digital media outlets locally nationally and around the world.

In the years since its founding, Kate’s business has changed hundreds of lives. With the success of its clients, the company has seen explosive growth, adding staff, expanding brain training resources and facilities, and diversify its portfolio of high-tech brain training programs to meet every individual client’s brain training needs.

Kate is as much an expert in parenting as she is an expert in brain training. She and her husband had three birth children, and adopted three more! Those varied experiences combined with intense training and her role in the journeys of hundreds of clients and families, uniquely position Kate and her team to expand the understanding of brain health in allowing clients to unleash their potential.

For her work in brain health, Kate was honored with an All American Hero Award at the All American Ball in January 2017. Later that year, her company was singled out by Scientific Learning as their Fast ForWord Provider of the Year. Previously, Kate accepted SciLearn’s Rookie of the Year award on behalf of the company in 2015. She’s also appeared in numerous TV and radio stories about her company and its work, and been featured in various print and web articles.