Brain Training Team

At Brain Train America, all Brain Trainers are experts in our best practice brain training methodologies, and each have successfully completed the brain training programs that we employ.

Whether in the office or live online, our Brain Trainers can relate to the brain training experience, and are committed to the success of our brain training clients. You will work with a friendly and caring professional, highly recommended for the results they help brain training clients achieve.

Our Leadership

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kate Ortman

Kate Ortman is the founder and CEO of Brain Train America, a company she started due to an array of personal experiences, and a passion for helping individuals and families improve their lives through brain health. From its humble beginnings on her dining room table in 2010, Kate has helped hundreds of clients unleash their potential by combining her lifetime of experiences as a parent of children with learning differences, as a teacher and as certified ADHD life coach with customized, revolutionary cognitive therapies to meet clients' unique brain training goals.

For her work in brain health, Kate was honored with an All-American Hero Award at the All American Ball in January 2017. Later that year, her company was singled out by Scientific Learning as their Fast ForWord Provider of the Year. Previously, Kate accepted SciLearn’s Rookie of the Year award on behalf of the company in 2015. She’s also appeared in numerous TV and radio stories about her company and its work, and been featured in various print and web articles.

Chief Operating Officer

Carlos R. Cortes, Ph.D., M.D.

Dr. Cortes earned his medical degree at the Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia, and later, a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science from the University of Maryland system. After arriving in the United States, he spent one year at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, two years consulting for Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, 11 years as a Research Associate at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center/ University of Maryland’s School of Medicine. He then completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health with an intense focus on brain imaging and research

Our Medical Advisory Team

Jay Lucker, EDD, CCC-A/SLP, FAAA

Dr. Jay R. Lucker is a Professor and Director of the Five-Year Accelerated Masters Degree Program in the Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Howard University in Washington, DC. He is also a visiting professor visiting professor teaching online courses and working with graduate and doctoral students on research at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, UT and at Xavier University of New Orleans. Dr. Lucker also has a long-standing private practice specializing in assessment and planning for children, adolescents and adults with auditory information processing disorders (APD) and language processing disorders throughout the greater metro DC area. He is also affiliated as a professional consultant with Brain Train America.

Dr. Lucker has been involved with research, clinical work, assessments, and treatments for people with APD since the mid-1970s. He is author of many articles published in professional journals, book chapters, and co-author of a book on APD titled Don’t You Get It? Living with Auditory Learning Disabilities. He has recently completed research looking at evidence-based support for the use of brain training exercises to improve auditory processing abilities in children especially adopted children.

Rebecca Bailey, PhD

Dr. Bailey is a clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist who specializes in complex case scenarios, including high-conflict divorce and experiences of extreme trauma. She is a nationally recognized expert in non-familial and familial abductions and the Founder and Director of Transitioning Families, an innovative and family-based program for therapeutic reunification and reintegration in California. Dr. Bailey is a regular consultant to and referral for the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children and is a regular consultant to judicial entities. She is an active member of the AFCC and a member of the International Association of the Chief of Police.

Dr. Bailey has been a guest and commentator on Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, Piers Morgan, Erin Burnett, Kyra Phillips, 20/20, Dr. Oz, Diane Sawyer and World News Tonight. Dr. Bailey is co-author of the book Safe Kids, Smart Parents (Simon & Schuster, 2013). Dr. Bailey presents widely throughout the country on a variety of topics, including the premise of creating “Protected Spaces” for survivors of traumatic crimes and the importance of active collaboration among involved systems.

Dr. Bailey is an advisor for the JAYC Foundation and is Clinical Director for their programs.

Our Team

Director of Programs

Margaret Mackie

Margaret shares her creativity, teaching and love of knowledge each and every day as she works with our clients. She is particularly skilled at knowing just when a training program may need to be adjusted for maximum progress, and her patient and encouraging demeanor suit her to work with young children through older adults. Margaret is a certified trainer in RightEye, Interactive Metronome, IM HOME, Integrated Listening Systems, Advanced Brain Technologies, and FastForward.

Coordinator of Reading & Cognition Programs

Daniel Ortman

As Coordinator of Reading & Cognition Programs at Brain Train America, Daniel Ortman is certified in brain training programs including Scientific Learning programs (Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant), Interactive Metronome, and Integrated Listening Systems and RightEye. Daniel brings unique insight to brain training having experienced firsthand the transformative effects these therapies can have. Dan’s experience with AD/HD, dyslexia, and auditory and visual processing difficulties helps him to relate to the nuances of brain training and how it is experienced by the client. These insights helped Brain Train America become Scientific Learning’s Provider of the Year in 2017! He is particularly adept at providing virtual assistance to remote clients and gets great satisfaction from intervention that keeps his clients from struggling the way he once did.


Beckie Childress

As a Trainer at Brain Train America, Beckie is certified in brain training programs including Interactive Metronome, Integrated Listening Systems, Fast Forword, and RightEye. A former educator and homeschooler, Beckie is well-acquainted with the challenges some children face when dealing with learning differences. After the success her own child experienced as a result of brain training, Beckie joined the team with a desire to help others achieve their potential.


Matt Myers

As a Trainer at Brain Train America, Matt Myers is certified in brain training programs including FitLight, Interactive Metronome and Integrated Listening Systems, and Fast Forword. As a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise, Matt is well-equipped to assist our athletes to train for peak performance - not only physically, but mentally, as well. He holds a bachelor's degree in community health from Salisbury University, and is currently studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant at Howard Community College.