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May The 4th Be With You

Come enjoy Star Wars inspired brain training on May the 4th.

ForBrain is on Sale

Forbrain is a bone conduction head phone that allows you to use your own voice to activate your brain. Check out the video below to see how forbrain can enhance your social and mental success. Get 30% off when you use our affiliate code: 3A0800440 (zero's). Click Here to get the deal!

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

With March being Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness month this story has rippled across the hearts of millions. Recovery is achievable. A concussion or TBI is not a life sentence. A beautiful person gone to soon. Prayers with her family as well as all the others who still struggle with life after a concussion. Click Here for the full story.

Arthritis Warrior Crosses the Finish Line After Years of Obstacles

Brain Training's very own Daniel Ortman completes the Jingle Bell run after years of battling arthritis. Click Here for the full story.

Brain Training of Maryland Expands Services Nationwide, Launches Brain Train America

Brain Training of Maryland, a leading provider of brain training programs for people of all ages, announced today that it has expanded its service offerings nationwide and will begin operating under the name Brain Train America, effective immediately.


New Name - New Website

Brain Training of Maryland has officially become Brain Train America! After winning two-provider of the year awards, being featured in Popular Science magazine, and all of our success with clients we are going national!