For athletes looking to sharpen their game, Brain Train America provides the perfect mix of brain training programs to help you reach beyond your current capabilities and unleash your potential.

Our fully-certified brain training staff uses a range of activities, including sophisticated audio systems, precise timing exercises, and neuro-timing workouts to help athletes achieve a faster, stronger and better performing brain.

Much the same way personalized physical fitness programs help your body "below the neck" reach peak performance, our personalized brain training programs use one or more of our research-based programs to help you reach your brain reach individual goals.

At Brain Train America, our brain training programs focus on training the brain's complex signaling system. In strengthening neurological pathways, we are able to improve the brain's ability to capture, process and retain information and instruction at high speeds.

Every athlete is unique and faces his or her own unique set of challenges, from world-class athletes that come to Brain Train America for that extra edge, to student athletes who come to help their brain match their athletic gifts.

Many times, we work with athletes and discover they are facing cognitive difficulties that can’t be solved simply through more repetitions on the field of play.

We have witnessed significant improvements in athletes who use brain training to improve their game. Benefits of brain training for athletes can include:

  • Superior agility and reaction time
  • Improved Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Improved Eye-Foot Coordination
  • Better Balance
  • Reduced stress
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Improved communication skills including listening comprehension
  • Better relationships with coaches, teammates, family and friends

Tapping our wide selection of brain training programs, Brain Train America is able to provide an individualized approach for every athlete.

Brain Train America's brain training experts stand ready to evaluate the unique challenges facing each athlete, draw upon actual data and years of experience to determine a recommended course of action, and provide a comprehensive plan for brain training success.

Athletes looking to start brain training today can schedule an appointment for an evaluation with one of Brain Train America's Brain Trainers by calling us now at 410-750-2133.