We use scientifically backed programs to assess each of our clients thoroughly. Not only do you receive the results that day but you will receive concrete steps to improve your brain function.

RightEye Eye-Tracking Tests

Brain Train America is proud to offer RightEye eye-tracking tests and training. The only objective vision and health tests using eye-tracking technology in the world, RightEye allows us to measure visual skills and provide earlier, faster, and more accurate insights related to brain health, vision and sports performance. RightEye is also an excellent tool for discovering reading difficulties due to eye movement, which often go undetected. We are blown away with the information the RightEye system provides!

Reading Progress Indicator

The RPI evaluation provides important data regarding phonological awareness, decoding abilities, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. You may be surprised at what you find out!

Pitch Discrimination Screening

The Pitch Perception test indicates whether you are able to hear changes in frequency in each of your ears, indicating any deficits that may be keeping you from processing what you hear correctly and completely. In other words, is your brain getting what your ears are hearing?

Basic Neuro-Timing

It’s obvious that the synchronization of brain and body timing is important in athletics. But neuro-timing is actually critical for just about everything we do, from speech to walking to singing, and more. It’s more than just walking and chewing gum at the same time!

Advanced Neuro-Timing

Advanced Neuro-timing will provide additional data on balance, focused attention, right/left motor coordination, upper/lower body coordination and endurance. Are your brain and your body in sync with each other?

Brain Body Speed Screening

With new laser light technology, we can record the reaction time of clients down to the hundredth of a second. The program is great for clients and athletes to test processing speed both on and off the field.

Following this process of assessment and discovery, we will tailor a program specifically targeted to help the client unleash their potential.


  • 90-minute screening
  • Program recommendations
  • A subset of our screenings based on clients needs and abilities